Bhangra for Beginners

Did you just get invited to a Punjabi wedding that you aren’t ready for or just sick and tired of watching other people dance bhangra but never be able to do it yourself? Well look no further because I have some steps and helpful videos for all you beginners out there. Try not to fall […]

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Music Mondays: The Awakening

Here is a mix collaboration with DJ SP and DJ Envy also hosted by YouTube’s very own, KayRay all being from Toronto. The over hour long track called Awakening, has a mix of current upbeat bhangra, bollywood, and rap music which means there is a little bit of something for everyone and it is perfect […]

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What is Bhangra?

Welcome to Balle Balle Bhangra, a blog for all things bhangra. We review teams, competitions, and styles of dance for all you bhangra lovers out there and for those that are hearing the word ‘bhangra’ for the first time you may be thinking, “What is bhangra?” Bhangra is a folk dance that originated in Punjab […]

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