HELP! My Family Wants Me to Make a Dance Routine for My Cousin’s Wedding

Wedding season is approaching and you know what that means….! You are soon going to get a phone call from one of your relatives to get all your cousins together and come up with a dance for their upcoming wedding. Trust me, I know how hard it is to all agree on a song…. and a routine …. and let’s get real when is the last time you saw this relative that was getting married? Well all jokes aside, here is some inspiration for those that are struggling to get a routine together in just enough time for those summer weddings.

The Filmi Dance: Get your girlfriends together and pretend you are in a Bollywood movie and make a mix of all the Bollywood songs that you dance to in the mirror when you’re alone in your room.

The Bhangra Boys: It’s finally their time to shine, time for all the boys to show everyone that they are strong enough lift each other up and actually keep a beat.

The Massi Giddha: To be quite honest, this one might be my favorite because it is in this moment that you realize, “wow, my nanni knows how to move… and sing!”

The First Dance: Who said friends and relatives were the only ones that can come up with a dance routine? Couples have started to create dance routines for their first dance which is sure to blow their guests away!


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